Twin Flames, Attachments Are Only Holding You Back!

Staying attached to anything only holds you back. Whether you’re attached to your Twin Flame person, your current relationship, or a specific deep-rooted pattern on your Twin Flame journey, it’s of utmost importance that you let that attachment go. The only way you can welcome new energy into your life is by releasing what no longer serves you. Holding on to the past is what keeps you stuck in it.

Attachment might feel safe to you because it’s familiar, and change is unknown. However, chances are that you aren’t fully satisfied with the state of your Twin Flame Union right now. Even if things are going great right now, there’s always an opportunity to give and receive deeper love, to experience deeper peace in your relationship. Allow yourself to release attachment to everything you know about how relationships are supposed to work, and embrace the uniqueness of the Twin Flame dynamic.

What's my next step?

If you feel the desire in your heart to reunite with your Twin Flame in loving harmony, then this means that there is a way for this dream to become a reality. Healing Twin Flame separation doesn’t have to be a long, painful process. It can be quick, easy, and light because it’s the journey Home to the Divine.

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About Christine

Christine is a Twin Flame in Union and Certified Ascension Coach with Twin Flames Universe.

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