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Welcome, Twin Flames!

My name’s Christine. I’ve been on my Twin Flame Journey since 2017.

In the beginning, I was hopeless, about to give up on love altogether. I didn’t know who my true Twin Flame was, or if we’d even be together in this lifetime. I was scared that we’d be stuck in a loop of running and chasing forever, waiting on the mystical divine timing to work its magic so that we’d finally be together. I tried everything: from meditations to subliminals to several different healing tools. And yet nothing worked. I felt the same within myself, and my reality wasn’t changing either.

Until I found my spiritual teachers, Jeff and Shaleia. I could feel deep in my heart that I’d just discovered the missing piece I’d been longing for. I immediately committed to a daily practice of the mirror exercise, the inner work they were teaching, and soon after I joined their Life Purpose Class and Twin Flame Ascension School.

Never before had I experienced such peace in my life. Through studying and applying Jeff and Shaleia’s teachings, I discovered my purpose, improved my mental and spiritual health, and reunited with my Twin Flame.

How did I achieve that? By healing everything within me that was out of alignment with my desire to be in my Union. Your Twin Flame Union really does begin within you, and your reality shifts in response to your consciousness.

I will guide you using Jeff and Shaleia’s method, which works 100% of the time for everyone, and any block to your Union.

Are you ready to begin?

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