Should You Intentionally Start Your Twin Flame Journey?

Some people believe that your Twin Flame journey should only begin if you’ve already met your Twin Flame. But what if you desire to meet your Twin Flame but haven’t yet? Should you not look for them? Let’s look at this topic in today’s post.

You can call in your Twin Flame intentionally (in fact, Jeff and Shaleia share a great visualisation to do so in their book, “Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover”). Meeting your person doesn’t necessarily have to happen randomly or by accident. If you feel the desire in your heart to be with your Ultimate Lover and realise your full spiritual potential, then this spiritual path is for you too!

But what if inviting your Twin Flame into your life also invites so much pain and suffering?

This doesn’t have to be your experience! Yes, your Twin Flame will bring a huge amount of transformation into your life. This is a great thing! If you don’t know how the Twin Flame dynamic works or how to process the intense feelings that can come up, then this journey can feel painful. However, being prepared for it will help you to overcome the challenges with grace and ease.

What's my next step?

If you feel the desire in your heart to reunite with your Twin Flame in loving harmony, then this means that there is a way for this dream to become a reality. Healing Twin Flame separation doesn’t have to be a long, painful process. It can be quick, easy, and light because it’s the journey Home to the Divine.

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Christine is a Twin Flame in Union and Certified Ascension Coach with Twin Flames Universe.

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