Are Twin Flames Toxic?

Is this person your true Twin Flame, or are you stuck in a toxic relationship? Can Twin Flames even be toxic to begin with? These are valid questions that you might ask yourself during your Twin Flame journey, and what we’re going to address in this week’s post.

The Truth is, your Twin Flame Union is the most loving, healthiest relationship you could possibly be in. The main purpose of your Union is to help you heal separation from your own Divinity. This means that, if you hold on to misaligned beliefs somewhere within yourself, your Twin Flame is going to mirror those to you. In that sense, you might experience toxic situations in your relationship with your Twin Flame.

If you’re in this position right now, it’s very important to set the appropriate boundaries, both within yourself and with your Twin Flame. You never need to accept being mistreated or disrespected. In fact, this is a great lesson in honouring yourself and your Divinity.

The best way to completely eradicate any toxic patterns from your relationship with your Twin Flame is to heal those within you first. Doing the inner work is so important if you desire to manifest and maintain your Twin Flame Union because, sooner or later, you’re going to trigger each other. If you’re constantly triggering each other but refuse to heal the wounds that come up, you’ll find that separation is more compassionate.

As you heal and blossom into the best version of yourself, you naturally restore harmony within yourself and in your Union, and you’ll no longer experience any toxic patterns in your Union or in your reality as a whole.

What Are My Next Steps?

If you feel the desire in your heart to reunite with your Twin Flame in loving harmony, then this means that there is a way for this dream to become a reality. Healing Twin Flame separation doesn’t have to be a long, painful process. It can be quick, easy, and light because it’s the journey Home to the Divine.

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