Am I making any progress at all on my Twin Flame journey?

If you’ve been healing the same pattern over and over on your Twin Flame journey, you might start to wonder what the point even is.

However, the same challenge coming up over and over again isn’t necessarily a sign of failure or lack of progress. It can actually be a sign of deeper healing.

It's a spiral, not a line

Your Twin Flame journey, like any other spiritual journey, doesn’t necessarily follow a linear path. God will lead you to your Harmonious Twin Flame Union through the fastest path available to you, even if it doesn’t necessarily look like that.

The spiritual blocks to your Union are often not a new acquisition. They’re the result of lifetimes of trauma and separation. This is why it wouldn’t be compassionate for you to feel this pain and heal everything all at once. It’s more effective to heal those blocks one step, one layer, at a time.

How many times must I heal something to heal it completely?

Every mirror exercise you complete is a layer of separation that you heal completely. You never have to heal the exact same upset ever again.

However, on the outside it can look like you’re healing the exact same thing over and over again. This can feel very discouraging.

Only God knows how many layers an upset has until you can reach the core and heal it completely. This isn’t a bad thing! Know that, no matter where you are on your Twin Flame journey, you are safe and loved.

You also don’t need to be perfectly healed to reach Twin Flame Union. You only need to resolve the core separation between you, and then you can come together and heal as One.

What's my next step?

If you feel the desire in your heart to reunite with your Twin Flame in loving harmony, then this means that there is a way for this dream to become a reality. Healing Twin Flame separation doesn’t have to be a long, painful process. It can be quick, easy, and light because it’s the journey Home to the Divine.

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